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You Can’t Change The World Light Grey

$38.00 USD


Super soft, light grey solid crop tee. You can’t change the world, but you can not be a dick and that will help. #FACTS..kinda like when someone comes into your store and tries a face mask on, ignoring signs, then when you kindly ask her to hand the mask over because your small business can’t resell it now and ask that she pay for it, and she not only puts the mask down but throws a fit, leaves the store, THEN goes to Yelp and Google to post a review that your company stated if she tries clothes on she has to purchase them, changing the narrative and trying to make herself look better? In a National Pandemic? Oh sorry....we digress. This tshirt brings out all those scenarios in your head you’ll wish Karen as back in front of you so she can read it.


  • 100% Super soft cotton
  • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry