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Astrology Lips Collection

$48.00 USD


These super soft Sets (sold separately) are beautiful, comfortable, unique, and hand made art.

Since each unique piece is made individually, each piece is a work of art. These are bleach dyed sets, with your Astrology Sign bleach dyed down the left arm, and left leg. In addition, you’ll have the added uniqueness of different patches, which are hand sewn on beautifully. Not all sets look exactly the same, and each set will have varying locations of patch placement.

  • Some sets will have a patch at the front of the sweatshirt on left side. Some will have a red graphic of your astrology sign
  • Red lips with your astrology sign featured on most sets at elbow and knee, but some have other patches. ALL sets have your astrology sign bleach dyed on left leg and left arm with AF after your sign name
  • This is a set, but sold separately to mix or match