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✔️Looking to spend some quality time your friends and loved ones that have opposing views? Get the gang together and host a game night open forum about all your favorite hot button table topics!
✔️Right Wing? Left Wing? Chicken Wings? All are welcome to partake in these hilarious drinking games. Imagine drunk uno, family feud, and cards against humanity all had a baby together with Donald Trump.
✔️Impress your posse with your knowledge of President Biden’s The Green New Deal, all “Fake News” or Mike Pence’s rare Beanie Baby collection. Dive into a pack of cards full of career ruining ideas and find out which one of your friends is a horrible patriot.
✔️Turn off your iphone, unplug the ps5, and put down the fidget toys. This set of cards is sure to ruin Thanksgiving in the most hilarious way, from I’m Not A Crook to Thanks, Obama this deck has something to push everyone's buttons and keep you laughing until the bad people in the next administration screws it up.