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Funboy Barbie Private Jet Float

$108.00 USD

Jet off to Malibu with the limited edition 50th Anniversary Malibu Barbie™ Private Jet Float by FUNBOY. Transport to the jet-set lifestyle of the 1970’s and land at the beach where it’s always sunny and fun never stops. Features an integrated cup holder, dual handles and a front tether point. Featuring FUNBOY’s oversized design that’s perfect for adults.

  1. Limited Edition: FUNBOY x Malibu Barbie™ Collaboration. 
  2. Reinforced cup holder. Keep your beverage in place while floating.
  3. Massive size! Over 95" Long.
  4. Includes a tether hook to easily tie to your boat, dock or any stationary object.
  5. Inflates & deflates in under 2 mins!