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$148.00 USD

This is a hole-in-one! After a day on the golf course, bring the GOLF vibes to the pool with the world’s first floating Golf Cart Pool Float by FUNBOY. Two people can lounge under the fringe lined removable mesh sunshade while dreaming of brighter days. To help lighten the mood, enjoy your favorite beverages and keep them firmly in-place with two front cup holders. The integrated backrest provides the optimum upright lounge positioning with enough room to fully extend your legs.

    1. Removable fringe-lined sun shade folds into 3 compact flat rings for easy storage and transport
    2. Oversized 2 person design
    3. Two Reinforced cup holders keeps your drink firmly in-place.
    4. Tether point to secure your FUNBOY to the dock, boat or any stationary object!
    5. Inflates and deflates in under 2 mins!