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Plaid Winter Snow Tube

$40.00 USD

FUNBOY Plaid Snow Tube is the perfect downhill snow tube for backyard snow play for the whole family this winter. We’ve created a commercial quality snow tube that works just as great as it looks! Featuring a reinforced dual-layer base design, we’ve created a strong and durable snow tube that features a flat base for smooth downhill sledding. The oversized 47’’ diameter is big enough for the largest adults and holds up to 250 pounds. Specially formulated K80 snow vinyl withstands temps to -25 degrees while rapid inflate and deflate valves make go-anywhere set-up a breeze!

    1. Original FUNBOY design: Snow Tube style snow sled
    2. Holds up to 1 riders or 250 pounds.
    3. Ultra-Thick K80 snow vinyl material designed to withstand -25 degrees
    4. Reinforced dual-layer flat base for enhanced durability and smooth downhill sledding.
    5. Rapid inflate and deflate valve, dual handles for easy downhill grip.
    6. Note: There is a small air hole on the seat of the Snow Tube, this is not a defect and allows for air between the two base layers to create the flat tube base.