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Untamed Blonde-Hand Beaded Fold Over Clutch

$178.00 USD

The Untamed Blonde! She is truly a piece of art, just like the fold over clutch she carries. These bags are designed by TIANA, a USA based fashion house that creates one of a kind, hand crafted purses. The beads, crystals and pearls are handled with care and precision to shape them into the unique form that marks each TIANA purse. These purses are created in a meticulous way with the sole aim to incorporate refinement in every detail. A lot of effort is put in to ensure that the bags keep their elegant form for a long time and age gracefully.


  • Ivory Bag/Gunmetal Wording 
  • Fold over zipper clutch
  • Satin lining
  • Purse will be here by the end of May, delays due to pandemic. We have one piece arriving. Due to popularity and demand of prior pieces, we are allowing a pre-order of this bag. Please see our pre-order page if any questions prior to ordering.