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Gia Roma

Valentines Dday Home Decor Signs Wood, Kissing Booth Sign, XOXO, Valentines Day Tray Styling Signs

$21.00 USD

Handmade wooden block signs. Thick enough to stand up on their own. Perfectly for Valentine Day Tray styling, countertop, mantles, end tables - the list is endless!

The XOXO sign has a lightly gray and white checkered background, with a red XOXO graphic. Measuring 10x4x1"

Kissing Booth has a rustic textured like background graphic - reading Pucker up and 25 Cents on it. Measuring 6x4x1"

A rustic black sign that is perfect for year round and even better during Valentines day! Something we can all relate to, reading "i love you to the fridge and back." Measuring 6x4x1"